Intro to Aerial Training Workshop

Offered the last weekend of the month

There are no prerequisites for joining this workshop. However, participants need to be prepared to be presented with physical challenges such as mounting a trapeze, hanging upside down, climbing silks, and performing some basic calisthenics.

Learn the basics of aerial movement in a safe, encouraging environment. This session is structured to introduce basic movement on a low-flying dance trapeze, silks, or lyra (Apparatus is dependent on instructor teaching). The session is taught in a comprehensive manner, preparing participants to enter more advanced aerial classes. This class is recommended prior to participating in other aerial sessions at the training center, especially for those with little-or-no previous training.

Participants should wear athletic clothing, including running tights or other athletic wear that covers the legs. It is preferred participants take class barefoot.

Minimum Requirements:

  • None

Photo, Stephen Takacs

Basic Body Conditioning

(This course is currently offered online, via Facebook Live - Sunday 12PM & Wed 4PM)

There are no prerequisites for joining this class. However, participants should be prepared to be challenged by a variety of physical activities (such as rope jumping, handstands, push-ups, jogging, and more).

This class is a workout intensive. Strength, endurance and flexibility are increased through guided group sessions. Exercises include movement derived from calisthenics, acro-balance, yoga and dance.

Required materials: bottled water, towel, proper exercise wear.

Minimum Requirements:

  • None

Level 1 Aerial Trapeze

Monday 5:30 PM

This class presents a comprehensive track of basic poses and transitions on the low-flying trapeze. Weekly repetition of exercises take place to build strength and confidence on the equipment.

Basic physical engagement includes the ability to hold ones own body weight in challenging poses, proper form in handstands against a wall, multiple pull-ups and push-ups, and exercises that build strength and endurance on a low-flying trapeze six feet above the ground.


  • Prior attendance at the Intro to Aerial Training Workshop

Mixed Level Aerial Trapeze

Sunday 12:00 PM & 1:30 PM
Tuesday 6:00 PM
Thursday 6:00 PM (Dance Trapeze)

This aerial class combines the best of all practices. An intense warm-up, balancing poses, strength building on the aerial equipment and low-flying trapeze practice. Participants who have regular attendance in a level 1 class, or gain permission of instructor, may sign-up for this class. The class is typically filled with participants from a range of intermediate to advanced levels.

Only the Thursday class is on the dance trapeze, a single point rotating trapeze. The basic fundamentals of the class follow our other trapeze classes, with the addition of working on a rotating trapeze. As with all of our trapeze classes this session also includes a focus on transitions in choreography for performance building. Please note: The dance trapeze class is 1.25 hours.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Regular attendance of Level 1 Aerial Trapeze or instructor approval

  • Ability to mount the trapeze in a variety of approaches

Advanced Aerial Trapeze

Wednesday 6:30 PM

This class offers a fast-paced, challenging and professional experience in aerial movement training and maintenance. Each session begins with a group warm-up and demanding conditioning exercises, presentation of new poses and transitions, routines on the equipment, and concludes with opportunity for everyone to work independently with the instructor and other participants present to aid with spotting and coaching movement.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Regular attendance of any Mixed Level Aerial Trapeze class

  • Ability to perform advanced poses and combinations on the trapeze

  • Ability to do a pull-over without assistance

  • Instructor approval

Aerial Silks

Offered monthly under Varied Apparatus

Aerial Silks is rotated in monthly through the Varied Apparatus course offering.

The level 1 class is open to absolute beginners, though consider attending the Intro to Aerial Training Workshop. Participants will build strength while learning foundational skills low to the ground: climbing, foot locks, and poses.

The mixed level class is open to beginners with some experience and more advanced participants. Participants will continue to improve on skills from level 1 and start to work on endurance with sequencing.

There are no prerequisite requirements to enter this class, however, participants should join with the understanding that all aerial movement techniques require physical stamina, endurance and a minimum ability to perform several basic physical actions (these include actions such as push-ups, pull-ups, supporting ones own weight while in a handstand at a wall, etc).

Minimum Requirements:

  • Prior attendance at the Intro to Aerial Training Workshop recommended

Mixed Level Aerial Hoop

Saturday 11:00 AM

It is recommended participants have a basic skill level in any aerial apparatus, but all levels are welcome. Participants should be prepared for a challenging experience. A sequence will be presented each class, introducing poses and transitions (both old and new).

Wear clothing appropriate for safely and effectively using the equipment. This generally is met by covering the backsides of the knees and having well-fit athletic clothing or dance wear.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Basic skill level experience in other aerial dance techniques is helpful, but not required

  • Ability to mount the Lyra in a variety of approaches

Inversion Training

Wednesday 5:00 PM
Friday 6:30 PM

This class presents balance training on the head, forearms, and hands with emphasis on proper technique.

There are no prerequisites to participation, anyone may join. Beginners may find themselves working slowing (often using the wall to build strength and endurance) alongside more advanced participants working in the center of the space.

Inversion training is an excellent way to improve body alignment, proprioception, and upper body strength. Confidence and concentration are also improved, as this caring instructor provides a kind and encouraging environment for learning.

Each session consists of a thorough warm-up, followed by a routine of exercises. Each class will put participants through headstands, hand balances, and varied experiences practicing balancing in other scenarios, such as forearm balances, and hand walking.

Minimum Requirements:

  • None

Varied Apparatus Aerial

Monday 7:00 PM

This aerial class utilizes a variety of aerial performing equipment. The apparatus used is changed on a monthly rotating basis. These primarily include trapeze, silks, and lyra. Other devices may be introduced as the course progresses. See the description on the Bookeo schedule to learn what apparatuses are being offered.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Level 1 - No requirements but Intro to Aerial Training Workshop recommended.

  • Mixed Level - physical competency mounting aerial devices, performing pull-ups, ability to sustain a handstand (at a wall), ability to climb a suspended rope several yards high.

Open Gym

See Bookeo for Schedule

Open Gym sessions will be monitored by a staff member with sole purpose of observing the use of the space for safe practice, fielding general questions, and, in most cases, rehearsing their own skills independently.

No instruction is given.

No instruction should be expected nor solicited from other fellow participants.

No instruction should be offered by the Instructor/monitor.

All participants agree to attend as an open session where they can hone skills independently (ie. work on moves learned in class sessions/rehearse choreography, etc).

Minimum Requirements:

  • Prior experience on aerial dance equipment

  • Confidence to work and train independently