Movement Activities regretfully will be closing.

If you are interested in participating in a session, prior to our closing, the option for purchasing an individual class credit remains open in our booking system, online.

If you currently have credits remaining in your account, those credits are still active. We are actively seeking a space, and when we find it, those credits will be restored, for use in the new space. If you prefer to receive a refund of unused credits, please contact us and a refund will be issued.

Movement Activities, established 1999, is an alternative movement training center. We specialize in aerial dance techniques, but expand into personal fitness, performance, and other unique workshops. We’ve grown from practices in circus, dance, theater, and experimental movement. We believe this allows us to offer something for everyone. Movement Activities works with beginners all the way through advanced level participants. Whether you're looking for movement training, performance, or simply social interaction, we are a place where all can be found.

"Movement Activities is about being the best you can be, and having fun along the way!"